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Security Spinners, Anti Climb Spikes


Hercules Security is a UK company who provide a complete physical security package, tailor made to meet the customers' needs.

The CACTI® is a unique anti-climb device, produced exclusively by Hercules Security.  We provide a nationwide service for the supply and installation of CACTI® and our sales team offer full technical assistance, free quotations and site surveys if required.

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Being extremely versatile, the CACTI® complements our own manufactured fence and gate range but is also suitable for the traditional palisade and welded mesh fences, which we also supply and install.  The CACTI® can be fitted at almost any angle on walls, rooflines, drainpipes and numerous other applications.

The CACTI® is a robust, powerful device that is a very tenacious deterrent if challenged, yet aesthetically pleasing, blending perfectly into its environment.

Unlike conventional alternatives, the CACTI® will not rust, twist or bend nor does it contain any entrapments or impaling features yet will deliver an element of discomfort to potential intruders.

Features and Points

  • Manufactured from self coloured Nylon 6
  • Standard Colours include black, grey, green, brown and blue.  Other colours available upon request.
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Lightweight - easy to handle and install
  • Withstands exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Life expectancy is anticipated to be in excess of 10 years


The CACTI® spikes are made from an impact-resistant Nylon 6, within which is fixed a high tensile steel nail, twisted for added strength. The CACTI® is supplied in 1 metre lengths alternating large and small with CACTI® washers at each space, all assembled onto a plastic tube through which is inserted a steel axle rod.  A fixing bracket is placed at each metre interval and it is recommended that these are tack welded to the steel rod for added security.


Brackets are usually supplied galvanised but may be painted or powder coated upon request.

It is recommended CACTI® warning signs are displayed.


Caution:  It is very important that these spikes are installed at height above at least 2.1 m from ground level and that care and construction is given to their intended location, including their visibilty and potential accessibility to either trespasser or innocent passer-by.